Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Har? What? *ok enough blurness lets get straight.

The title says it all. No more sayings or words or anything like, 
"Wha? Huh? What's it for? When? Har?"

We get ourselves right. We get our identity right. We get our hearts right. Our mindsets all right and back to God.
Why? Ask yourself, not me.

Wait. Scratch that, don't ask yourself. Cause man alone knows nothing. Man alone when does something out of his own strength, FAILS.
Well, it might seem like you're doing just fine right now, maybe even doing well. But you know what? It ain't gonna last long. In the end your not going to be happy and joyful with all you've got.
Cause that missing piece in your heart, that huge gaping hole, is yet to be filled. Maybe at one time it was, with God and his love. But you see people, that his love can only remain there if you continue to allow it to be there.
If you accept God, you accept his salvation and love and mercy he has to offer you, you will eternally have joy in your life.


Sorry I had to put it that way and perhaps scare you, but hey, I think there is a need of us to be aware of what we are before God.

Do you love God? Put up your hand if you do.
Not that I can see it, but its fun, and cool anyway. Besides, it shows God that you're not ashamed of being a Christian, of bearing his name. Gosh it'll be so cool for someone to read this in a CC and put up your hand. These small things show that you aren't ashamed of the true BIG God we have.
Why are we let down by the world?

That...I can't answer.

But I can tell you this. God NEVER lets you down. Never lets anyone down. If we all just have the faith, the love, and reach out to him as he is reaching out to us.
Is it about time we realise that this life we live has more to than just studying and pleasing friends and family?
Yes it is.
Our one true purpose in life, I believe, is that we obey God.

Seriously, it might not seem much to you, but its so gladly true. When we obey, we show that we submit ourselves to him.
God can say RIGHT NOW to you that, "Hey, don't eat that hokkien mee later" or something random like that.
We obey, and why? 
Not cause its just GOD that asks us to.

But because we love God. Am I right?
Well I certainly do. And sometimes God gives us this tasks, some that we feel are too BIG for us to do.
There are times when there's a feeling in your heart that is telling you to go that extra mile, even if you don't want to.
Go, say hello to that "weird" person.
Don't let the lonely people be lonely.
Don't let the deserted be deserted.
We're the salt and light of the earth no?

Then how can we shine if we do just the same thing as everyone else?
What LIGHT is there to shine if we're the same? Where's the difference in us?
Salt is no use when not used. Seriouslyyyyyy...

Maybe you love God. 
You definitely do.
But can you truly say you put him number ONE in your life?
To those who say yes, I've got a few questions for you.

1.When a very hot/awesome/whatever you look for in a guy/girl asks you out for a date. And you know that its a once in a lifetime thing. It clashes with Church. Just another service. Would you ditch church?

2.When eating out, do you pray before eating? And if you do, do you pray it out LOUD for the restaurant to hear? I know a few people who do. And i truly respect them. I have yet to reach that level of faith.I want that faith so bad. If we put God first in our life, we wont care about what people think of us. We wont care about pleasures to ourselves but just living a life that pleases God.

I hope that this short message just really sends a message across. There's more I can say, but it'll be for later.
Please, don't just read this blog and do nothing about it.
Love our CF, love our God.
Cause we all do this for him. Nothing else.
Share this blog with others.
Share God's love. It's the best give anyone can give. Publicize this blog because you want your friends to know that...

Jesus loves all. All. Even the worst sinners, so what? God loves you.

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