Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ingredients = SMK SEAFIELD CF CAMP 2010

Rawr !

Sign ups for CF Camp 2010 is closed already (aww...).
So, if you have missed this time round, you will need to come back next year and sign up quick!!!

Testimony from our prayer leader, Tzi Ying:
"When I was Form 1, my friend invited me to go for camp but I did not want to go because I was not a member in CF yet and I was scared that I can't fit in or find any friends there. When I was Form 2, the same thing happen. When I was Form 3, I finally joined CF and I went for CF Camp that year. I tell you, it was one of THE BEST CAMP I've ever attended, and I tell you, I am SUPER EXCITED for CF Camp 2010 ! :D I did not need to fit in because CF is like a family and I made new great friends! I am really really sad because I missed going to camp when I was Form 1 and Form 2.. So no matter how young you are, especially if you're Form 1 and 2, I really really encourage you to come for camp!

You will LOVE camp so much and trust me, God will work so GREAT! :) You will never be the same again! In a super-duper-awesome way! :D"

As for you people that have already sign up, hope you will enjoy your time there.
Hope to hear more great testimony when you come back!!!

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