Thursday, April 15, 2010

Very Quick Announcements

What's up @ CF meeting this Friday, 16.04.2010 - GAMES! : D Invite all your friends yeah ! It's @ Taman Herbal !


- - - > - - Bible Postal Quiz 2010
Read: Genesis 12-15, Luke 15-24 (Good News Version)
Date: Friday, 23.04.2010
Venue: Usual CF place (5A)
To sign up: Rachel Lai (5K) or Fiona Chan (5A)

We truly hope that everyone will join this quiz, it's a rather simple quiz in fact if you do study those scriptures! Don't worry yeah! We're all in this together, heh. So do sign up now ! :D Everyone is welcomed. An experience to know God's word more and to quiz yourself ;)

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