Wednesday, May 19, 2010


  2. 10-12.06.2010. (thursday-saturday)
  3. AYA conference centre
  4. RM 30/-
  5. Closing date: 30.5.2010
  6. Further details:
You can also see our CF committee Jared Ho. (4A)
Formerly known as Revolution Conference 2009, it is definitely a great awesome conference, not to be missed! For those interested, do see Jared Ho for the forms : ) He can be found in his class or at prayer meeting each morning !

What is RE:UNION?

Description from the website:
"Revolution is a family - a BIG & GROWING family spread across the nation - & not just a movement - even though the latter is exciting enough!"

It is a family that's deserving of a godly tradition - one that encourages the strengthening of old friendships & the establishing of new ones. We need a (Revo) family tradition - one that Christian youths in Malaysia can call their own - a set time every year to catch up on all that God has done in & through our lives & to spur each other on for all that He is about to do. It is with this inspiration that I've decided to change the (Revo) "Conference" to the ..."RE:UNION". Hope to see you there @ this year's Revo family reunion in KL from the 10 - 12th of June!" - Pastor Kenneth Chin

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