Friday, July 30, 2010


Today, we had PD for our CF meeting. PD does not stand for Port Dickson hahaha, it stands for Passing Down ! : ) We truly want to thank the awesome committee for their commitment, time, effort and their heart for God and CF through this 1 year. Thank you so much!! So passing down means, passing on to the next committee of 2010-2011. Hence, right now, let's welcome the brand new committee of CF SMK Seafield :D

President Marcus Pee
(vice) Emily Chan
(vice) Sharon Gooi
Secretary May Jean
(assistant) Fiona Chan
(assistant) Rachel Lai
Treasurer Eunice Lee
(assistant) Nathaniel Soon 
Worship Coordinator Felicia Low
(assistant) Paul Low
Prayer Leader Tzi Ying 
(assistant) Alvin Ong 
Follow-Up Leader Grace Cheah
(assistant) Jonathan Ong 
Head of Logistics Vincent Loh
Head of Hospitality Kok Hong
(assistant) Hui Yi 
Technical Coordinator (Helps and Grounds) Guo Bin
(assistant) Jonathan Edwin
Technical Coordinator (PA) Jared Ho
(assistant) Dylan Seow 
Games Master Brandon Tham
(assistant) Bryan Loh
(assistant) Samuel Saw 
Head of Publicity Shaun Chan
(assistant) Shing Yin

President Jared Ho
Vice President Hui Yi 
Secretary Nathaniel Soon
(assistant) Su Ann
Treasurer Joshua Leow
Worship Coordinator Kok Hong 
(assistant) Marcus Lee
Prayer Leader Christine Low
(assistant) Clarissa Tan 
Follow-Up Leader Alvin Ong 
(assistant) Jonathan Edwin
Publicity Head Samuel Saw 
(assistant) Eugenia Edwin
PA Heads Dylan Seow & Joshua Lim
Helps and Grounds Head Jared Yim 
Games Master Bryan Cheng
Usher Heads Yeo Eu-Nise & Piriyankaa

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