Monday, August 13, 2012


As the year is coming to the end, n the form 5's are gonna leave soon. We,  are  organizing a farewell party, specially for them.FORM 5'S WHO ARE READING THIS POST PLEASE FEEL TOUCH.. Even if u r nt a form 5, still try to come n have fun. Every cf member is welcome. Dun worry, we will welcome u wit a open heart. We r gonna have some fun activities n games, n there may be water games as well, please remember to bring a set of spare shirt. We don't wan u to be sick :D Besides, it's potluck. If u r comin, please try bringing some food, any food will do.

Date:16/8/2012 (thursday)
Time: 7-10.30pm
Venue: 29,Jalan Bukit Hijau Empat 26/24D, Taman Bukit Saga, 40400 Shah Alam Selangor (vanessa's house)

Spot some ex-form 5 in this picture? 
I bet when  u r looking at tis picture, u r missing the ex- form 5 ryte, me either,. So, tis year form 5 batch they r gonna leave soon as well. We, shud not miss the last ever event wit tis year form 5 batch, So remember to come. And for the form 5, come n relak urself, N PARTY LIKE NOBODY BUSINESS yo.

Cheers :D C u there.

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