Sunday, June 14, 2009

Subang Rally 2009


Because if you haven't, you SHOULD NOW :D It's only 26 days away from now! Yes. It's very near already.

Seafieldians, need the forms? Go find Marcus(4E) or Tzi Ying(4C) they have tons specially for you! :D Afternoon students you guys can find Livia(2F) or Olivia(2A) too.

  • Also, we're looking for Ushers / Securities / Altar Workers for this Rally. If you're interested, please find Marcus and Tzi Ying too. We really appreciate your help and passion to serve God ya. Don't worry, they might even hunt for you already. Heh.

Other schools, need the forms? Go find your school representatives man! I believe they have tons for you too :D

What does P.U.S.H. stand for? Push until something happens! Wanna know more wanna know more? Yes I know you wanna know more :P How then? How! Come for Subang Rally and find out + experience yourself ;D

So let's go everybody! Let's push beyond our comfort zone. Let's invite our friends. Let's go all out for this! Because we really believe Subang Rally this year will touch EVERY SINGLE SOUL and it will be the beginning of a great Revival! Amen.

For more information, you can always check out the Subang Rally blog(click!) God bless!

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