Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures of CF's Passing Down 2009

Hello! Pictures of last Friday's 24/07/2009 CF meeting is here :D

Thanks to our Vice President 2009, Oon Hui for the pictures! :D

Vincent, Shaun, Shing Yin.

Shaun, Vincent and Shing Yin.

Shing Yin, Alvin and Jonathan Edwin.

Jared and Tzi Ying.

Shing Yin, Brandon and Bryan.

Shing Yin, Samuel, Brandon, Bryan and Felicia.

Alvin, Jon Edwin, Jared and Tzi Ying.

Vincent, Shaun, Eunice, Nathaniel, Alvin and Jon Edwin.

Shaun, Eunice, Nathaniel, Alvin and Jon Edwin.

Sammy! President of 2009.


Jared, Tzi Ying, Sharon and Emily.

Eunice, Nathaniel, Alvin and Jon Edwin.

Shing Yin, Vincent, Shaun and Eunice.

Sammy being very excited giving her last final speech? x)

Hui Ting posing. Haha.

Hui Ting!

Shing Yin and Tze Quan.

Sarah-Ann, Shing Queen, Tze Quan and Sarah Liau.

Our very posers for Extra chewing gum! :P
Felicia, Rachel, Shing Queen and Fiona.

Our 3 seniors posing! :P
Tze Quan, Sarah Liau and Oon Hui.

Sarah-Ann and Oon Hui.

I think they actually jumped for the camera but the camera was a little too late. Hehe.

Aw. Group picture!
From left - May Jean, Fiona, Sarah Liau, Vincent, Sarah-Ann, Rachel, Shing Queen, Tze Quan, Hui Ting, Shaun Chan, Samuel Saw, Joseph Cheah, half of Felicia behind(heh), and the flying Brandon!

Samuel and Joseph crashed the picture which was only supposed to have Shing Queen, Rachel, Tze Quan, Hui Ting and a few behind who was covered by Samuel! :(

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