Friday, July 3, 2009

Peer Pressure: Word Week


Yesterday's CF was just awesome. Worship was awesome especially during the song Sanctuary by City Harvest Church.Yes? :D

Yesterday was Word Week. The speaker of the day was our very own Jonathan Ong from 4B! It his first time and it was good. Applause everyone. *applauses

A brief recap of what he shared about.
  • Topic: Peer Pressure
  • Scriptures related: Mark 6:14-29 (the beheading of John The Baptist)
  • The passage briefly speak about King Herod being pressured to bring John The Baptist's head for his Herodias's daughter! The hardest thing was that he respected John the Baptist at that time yet he was so pressured that he didn't want to lose face to everyone, at the end he gave in to the pressure and really beheaded John the Baptist.
  • Everyone will face this kind of peer pressure in their life. From the smallest things to the biggest things, the only way to know what to do is to read the bible, pray to God and trust in Him ya :)
  • The main question that you should always ask yourself constantly is: Do you want to be accepted by doing the wrong things or not accepted by doing the right things?

1. 13th National Bible Knowledge Quiz 2009,
  • 1st August 2009.
  • SMK Assunta, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
  • Book of Luke and Acts.
  • Find Rachel Lai(4B) to sign up now!
2. The trip to Orphanage
  • Donation of books for orphanage kids, age 3-15.
  • Story books, reference books, etc. 
  • We are kind people so let's donate our books :D
  • Find Sarah-Ann(5B) for more information. 
3. Subang Rally
  • Collection of food stuff! Bring and pass to Marcus please.
  • Pre-Rally this Sunday 05/07/09 for Ushers/Securities/Registration Reps.
  • Sign up for Subang Rally now!
  • Find Marcus(4E)/Tzi Ying(4C) for more information.
Alright. Next week there's CF as usual! Spread the word. Spread the blog. Enjoy the week. Remember who you are at school, you are children of God and let your light shine :D

God bless.

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