Thursday, November 17, 2011


Whoa! It's been two weeks since the sleepover! Sorry for not updating!
For those who didn't join us that night, hah! you missed out on a lot :(
Come for our events next year! ;)
So, the sleepover was held at City Harvest's new building. The entrance was so nice I thought it was a hotel and missed it! U-turn. Was a little shocked to see so many people with unknown faces; City Harvest people :) and everyone was eating while the registration table was open and we were greeted by lovely, friendly people! Si Jin and the gang made us feel welcomed there. :D When the event started, the CH people and us CF members were gathered in a room. The praise and worship session was fun! Bryan lead us in the songs and in one song we had to get down till we were flat on our backs or bellies before jumping back up!

Perera, Tee and Alex got us into the icebreaker called trees and fire; I think. It really got us going. Try and imagine. :) We are trees. We are protecting a squirrel. FIRE! RUNNN! EARTHQUAKE! RUNN! AHhhh!
Seeing who has the longest lineeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Okay, back to here. :) Then we got into our groups. That really bonded us. We had many games!
We had to make our own slogans, cheers and skit.

A whole bunch of people on a newspaper! :O

At night, brother Abel shared an inspiring message relating to superheroes. You should have been there!

Then we were awoken from our beauty sleeps at 4.00 a.m.! Just to play a ymsterious game, to find the murderer! We ran everywhere for clues! The murderer was... Emily! :O

Back to sleep. Zzzzzzzzz.:p
Breakfast anyone? :9

Next morning, we woke up later than expected :P
Breakfast was deli!
Nothing like a hot cup of Milo in the early morning hours.

Prize giving, yaaaaayyyyyy!

And the winning team goes to...

Captain ball was next!

It was a tough match I can tell you.
If you are tall, you definitely have an advantage! ;)
Everyone was running around!
Teamwork was the key to be the last team standing. :)

Are you wet yet? Hmm?
What would a sleepover be without water games? :D Each team had a representative wearing a 'life' board. Each team has to take care of their cone and try to wet the other team's life board while their team is also trying to snatch the opposite's cone!

Last but not least, a group pic! But many seemed to have left for urgent matters. :(

Sorry for the not so clear post. BUT. For more info on what happened, look for us! ;)


Pics creds to Deb. :)

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