Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Fellow members of CF SMK SEAFIELD. greetings from planet earth!

LOL, hello you guys. I wonder if anyone reads this but ill post it anyways. A few of us went for a camp the other day NSCFL conducted by Scripture Union , it was amazing and we learnt so muchhhhh from there.

All this for what you may ask? :) To help you guys, us, as a CF to be closer to God. And mmhmmm, the things we have in store for you guys next year. You just have to come and find out.

Our prayers are that we'll be able to apply what we've learnt wisely so we can all grow together in God. SO I do hope each and everyone of you will look forward to CF meetings next year. Update soon!

With pictures hopefully.

God bless you all, and happy holidays! If any of you have prayer needs please tell us okay! We want to pray for you! There's a chat box, and you know the committee, :) Don't be afraid to inbox us or whatsoever. Would love to hear from you! See you all! :)))))

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