Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Party! :)

On the 26th of December, we had our very first Christmas party! Yay!

The party was supposed to start at 5.30pm. But, we as Malysians, have our very famous Malaysian Time ;) So, even though we wrote on the event page 5.30pm, we started the party at around 6.30pm. :) Around 25 of us turned up. We were made up of  CF-ers and non-believers. I'm so glad that the non-believers invited we turned up for our party! All glory goes to GOD! AMEN! :)

As it was a gift exchange party, we each brought a gift to be exchanged among ourselves and put it under the Christmas tree! :)

While waiting for the others, we decided to play a game while waiting. We played CHARAEDS. And we had a lot of fun laughing together! :)

During our Chirstmas party, we got to catch up with our ex-CF members! Tze May and Clarissa! :)

Oh! and Tiffany too!(She's the one on the left,btw.) :)


 Among  all the games we played,this one involves your memory and your skill to prevent being caught by the "monkey" in the middle of the circle. We each had our own individual sign and we a re supposed to pass the sign around without being caughtby the "monkey". :)

Playing games may be fun,but don't forget to pose for the camera,kay? =P

Remember the blankey game we used to play when we attend birthday parties?? Yeah, we played that too during our Chritmas party. :)

Si Jin explaining to us how to play the MAFIA game. :)

Voting in session. Please be quiet. So, do you think ________ is the wolf??

Raise your hands! Those of you who think he/she is the wolf, please raise your hands!

The people who went to "heaven" looking over those playing the game.

Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!
From all of us


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