Monday, December 12, 2011

Haven't posted for a week and nobody reads already? :O
PEOPLE, get your Christmas hats on! :D
I can't wait till Christmas! :D
Don't just exchange gifts, share stories and experiences and spend time thinking about God in your holidays.
Don't you feel lazy during the hols? I know I do. :/
And it's easy to stay on the computer the whole day without doing our quiet time cause by the time we're out, we're too tired. Sounds familiar?
Go and have your quiet time now! Take at least 5-10 minutes to read the Bible and pray now! :D

Wasn't that exciting?! (don't read this until you have done the above. Tq.)
And refreshing?! :D
Do feel free to share your thoughts with us or anything you have had on your mind that you feel God has been telling you that you want to share about. The chatbox is right there. ;)

I'm tired. Yeah. Goodnight. :)

Maybe a little while more. :)
Wanna hear a nice song?
Joe Brooks is awesome! :D (personal preference)

Premier League; Arsenal and Liverpool won 1-0 to the opposing teams :D I think. I googled. :p
Don't know the other teams so yeah..

Hoping to see ALL of youuuuuuuuuuuuu next year! :D 
Btw, there's a game on Facebook called Journey of Moses. Just fyi. :)

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