Thursday, August 25, 2011

CF MAKAN is happening in less than 24 hours =D

Hey people!The most awesome event is  happening in less than 24 hours~!Yay! =D Are you guys excited?!

If you guys haven't rsvp yet, then hurry up and click the ATTENDING button for the Facebook event!
If you forgotten to do so, NO WORRIES! You can walk in on that day! It's gonna be one awesome event filled with all kinds of  food that you WON't wanna miss. See you this Friday!

Are you guys pumped up?! I can assure you guys will ENJOY the LOADS of delicious food we have prepared for all of you that are attending. Bring a friend along, get your mood ON and we shall party all the way people! See you tomorrow!BTW,it's at the OLD DEWAN! =D

Debra =)

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