Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Do you guys still remember last year's CF step down??It seems like time has flown by in the blink of an eye!
And guess what? (everybody: SAY WHAT?)


*drum rolls*

it's the time of the year again for step down!!!

(everybody:AWW... =( /YAY! =) )

Jared posing with Wei Xun

Cheng Yi and Kar En in a game of Who Can Stare At The Other Person The Longest ;D

Come to CF to here our very own rapper:Belmain rapping with Joshua and Sean =D

Bryan teaching Marcus and Paul how to move their body with the music ;P

Sorry to keep you guys waiting in suspense...

Here's the new committee of 2011/2012 =)

President: Bryan Cheng
Vice president: Yeo Eu-Nise
Secretary: Chee Cheng Yi
(Assistant): Ng Kar En
Treasurer: Eugenia Edwin
Prayer Leaders: Christine Low, Teoh Wee Ren
Follow-Up Leader/Birthday Coordinator: Wong Si Jin, Alex Wong
Head of Publicity: Ngui Tze Ken

(Assistant): Serene Perera
Worship Coordinator: Marcus Lee
(Assistant): Paul Philip
Head of Usher,Hospitality & Registration: Debra Gan
Helps & Grounds Coordinator: Jared Yim
(Assistant): Ng Chwen Yang
Technical Coordinator (PA): Joshua Lim, Sean Lee
Games Coordinator: Piriyankaa
(Assistant): Phua Chai Ian
Congratz,guys! =D Hope you guys continue to be the salt and light of the school!=D
Debra =)
Ps. I'll post the step down videos next time!=)

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