Monday, August 15, 2011

CF MAKAN. nom nom nom!

Hey Guys! :D

CF Makan is NEXT FRIDAY ! (26/8)

if you like to eat spaghetti, fried rice nuggets, jello-s then better not miss this event! :D

Anyway, let's take a walk down CF makan memory lane. :)

cf makan 2009
cf makan 2010

it's been so many years of CF makan..

sniff sniff* 

they grow up so fast!! :')

Ok, just kidding, I'm not sure if there are MORE past CF makan-s

 but seriously, do come and join us for CF makan.

And we will nom nom nom nom together-gether! :)

It's free food ! Why will you not come?! :O

Be there or be square!

oh yeah, that will be you if you don't come. :P


Si Jin
(Follow-up leader 2011/2012)

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